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The Nicholas Gregoriades Show

Jun 24, 2022

‘Southie’ Jack Maxwell shares his journey as kid from South Boston kid growing up without a  father figure in a bad neighborhood to host of the successful show Booze Traveler, his battle against cancer, and how he’s grateful to be alive after everything he’s been through.

From an early age life has never been easy for Jack. He clearly remembers the day his drug-dependent father chose his addiction over him. Fortunately, with the help of his wonderful mother and grandmother, he managed to break the cycle and grew up to be a happy and well-adjusted human.

Jack created the opportunity to lead the fascinating show Booze Traveller, where he visited over 50 countries to learn about their people, culture, and stories “through the lens of a cocktail glass.”

It was through the show that he got to meet people that taught him that alcohol is more than just a relaxing end to the day; it’s a ritual that can form an integral part of a community, a culture, and its people.

He was also delighted to find certain commonalities among people everywhere—their ability to have fun, to love, and to tell great stories despite the language and other cultural barriers.

Unfortunately, the show ended because Jack was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Although he went through several painful treatments, he’s now cancer-free and immensely grateful that he’s still here.

Jack believes that we are here not only to search for our own happiness but also to make others’ experiences better. And if everybody feels the same way we can create a better world for everyone.

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