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The Nicholas Gregoriades Show

Jun 17, 2022

Brad Yates is an expert in emotional freedom technique (EFT), commonly known as tapping. EFT is a protocol I can personally attest to.

Brad was a trained, practicing hypnotherapist with an acting job (Days of Our Lives!) on the side. Brad's wife, on the other hand, was a director of a program for homeless men and women. Having a real-life superhero for a wife, Brad felt like he was called to do more. And that was when he stumbled across personal development, which eventually led him to EFT.

EFT, a process that involves tapping different acupuncture meridians, is believed to address many different issues. After incorporating EFT to his hypnotherapy sessions, Brad found himself losing patients because of the permanent healing EFT provides. Brad thinks that tapping to meridian points sends calming signals to the nervous system, which causes relief.

EFT has no approved therapeutic claims. But does this mean it’s not real? No. In fact, an Australian psychology professor did a chemical study where brain scans showed that an abnormal brain activity was normalized after the subject underwent tapping. There are also other researchers that back up the authenticity of tapping.

Many people are still skeptic about EFT, but it’s definitely worth a shot given the scientific evidences. Some may argue that Brad doesn’t even have a medical license. But how do we explain that he’s able to make people better?

You’ll Learn:

  • Emotional freedom technique and how it works
  • Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy
  • The Fourth Wave of Psychology


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