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The Nicholas Gregoriades Show

Jun 10, 2022

John Patrick (JP) Morgan is a philosopher and master coach. He helps entrepreneurs achieve free, loving and a powerful lives.


JP has worn many hats, including mathematician, physicist and serial entrepreneur.


In this episode, JP shares his ‘creating’ techniques and how he uses them to help people evolve and perform at their best.


Talking Points:

  • The power of words and why you should choose them carefully
  • How to embrace life as a ‘creator’
  • Proven strategies for effective communication
  • Why love and kindness are essential traits for enduring success




“The essence of great communication is really authenticate powerful connection.”


“It doesn’t matter if I was wrong 5 seconds ago, because now is the only thing that I’ve got, and I’m gonna do the right thing.”


“Not only does our speaking create our being, but our speaking creates the being of others too.”


Find out more about JP Morgan at: