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The Nicholas Gregoriades Show

Feb 25, 2022

Steven Hoffman aka Captain Hoff is the CEO of Founders Space which was ranked the number one incubator for overseas startups by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.


Steven is also a serial entrepreneur, venture investor, author of several best-selling books including Surviving a Startup, Make Elephants Fly and The Five Forces.


In this episode Steven shares his success and challenges in building his business and how he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs emotionally in handling their own businesses.


Talking Points:


  • Why your life is just a story
  • How he bluffed his way into becoming a Hollywood Executive
  • Steven’s best advice for new entrepreneurs
  • The 3 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make




“You are not doing what you should be doing, the minute you realize that, you need to re-evaluate your life.”


“Trying harder is not always the answer.”


“If you wanna create something great, it’s not gonna be from a well spring within you.”


Find out more about Steven Hoffman: