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The Nicholas Gregoriades Show

Mar 18, 2022

Nima Khalillian is an entrepreneur, author and nomad. His book “The Art of Interpretation: A Guide to Remembering Rules of Reality” has helped people to reshape their realities and live lives of freedom.

In today’s episode, Nima shares his inspiration for the book and how he overcame fear, anxiety and depression and through travel and soul-searching.


Talking Points:


  • Life as a Digital Nomad
  • Keys to overcoming depression
  • How his experience with Wim Hof Method changed his life.
  • What it’s like to spend time in a ‘Supermax’ prison
  • The Art of Interpretation and why he wrote a book on the subject




“This whole world is our playground, the soon that people realize that, there is no necessity to be any particular kind of way.”


“Open yourself up to your own internal, infinite abundance of expression.”


Find out more about Nima Khalillian: