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The Nicholas Gregoriades Show

Dec 4, 2021

In the modern age the word 'enlightenment' is overused. Several claim to have found it, but upon closer scrutiny of their actions and philosophies, are proven to be deluded or fraudulent.

In exceedingly rare instances, an individual with a certain combination of intelligence, courage and sincerity is moulded under a perfect set of circumstances and unmistakable enlightenment is able to emerge.

In this episode Rocco explains his understanding of "enlightenment" as less of a state of attainment, and more of a continuous intention to shine light into dark places, illuminating the world around you and enhancing your understanding of your own inner world.

Talking Points

- How Rocco’s early life (living in South Africa) nurtured him.

- Being introduced to violence at a young age by his step-father

- How his uncle became a way for him learn about Hermetics

- Rocco shared about the Study of Hermetics

- Talked about Psychedelic tool - What love look like to Rocco.


“You don’t really need ego or anything, you just need honesty”

“It’s about how we think the world and our place in it, how we think about reality and physics”

“Your identity is tied to belonging to the world that you're in”

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