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The Nicholas Gregoriades Show

Mar 31, 2020

Regardless of your circumstances, if you’re not sick then the current events have presented you with a huge opportunity. 

You can choose to waste this time by binging on Netflix, drinking, and forwarding memes to your friends. Or you use it to work on yourself, increase your wisdom and emerge from this a wiser,...

Mar 16, 2020

Few will argue with the statement that sex is one of the best parts of the human experience, but like everything else it has a dark side.

This week's guest, Dominick Quartuccio, gives an open and honest account of how he succumbed to sex addiction and the events that made him realize he needed to change.


Mar 12, 2020

Jay Campbell used to be know amongst his colleagues and clients as the 'F%ck you, pay me' guy.

After a spiritual awakening and a lot of deep work on himself he has been able to transform from ruthless self-serving businessman into a more connected, healthier and ultimately happier individual.

In this episode Jay...

Mar 2, 2020

After entering the Air Force under a sense of obligation and duty, Richard Bejtlich to the rank of captain and specialized in Information Warfare before he could no longer ignore the inner voice telling him that he was on the wrong path.

With great courage he left the stability of the military and carved out a highly...