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The Nicholas Gregoriades Show

May 6, 2022

Rich Lewis who is a speaker, coach and author of the book Sitting with God: A Journey to Your True Self Through Centering Prayer.


In this episode, Rich teaches us on how to use 'Centering Prayer' and contemplative practices as access points which allow us to experience God's presence in our lives.


Talking Points:

    Apr 29, 2022

    Anthony Wall is the founder of Noēsis, a worldwide network with the mission of understanding the evolutionary causes of the human condition in order to ensure our survival as a species to enable human survival into a sustainable future.


    In this conversation Anthony shares his theories on why humanity has reached the...

    Jun 20, 2019

    Michael Katilus' grew up in a tough part of upstate New York and it shows on his face.

    His career as a social worker has given him insight into many aspects of human behavior and there's not much he hasn't seen.

    Michael and Nic discuss how jiu jitsu ability doesn't always translate into morality or even decency, and how...

    Jun 6, 2019

    Jiu Jitsu players have to be healthy to perform on the mats, and part of that is having a relationship with a doctor who is concerned with health as opposed to sickness.

    Dr Bonner shares his ideas on nutrition, supplementation and hormone replacement and how they all affect the jiu jitsu athlete.

    Check out Dr...

    Mar 26, 2019

    After suddenly being made redundant from a successful corporate career, Scott Smith went all-in on the jiu jitsu lifestyle.

    Starting with $300 worth of second-hand mats, Scott grew his small training group into one of the most successful academies in his city.

    Scott explains how he overcame the death of both of his...